Study Tour to Jinggang Mountain

18-6-11 下午4:21 作者:Office of International Programs, Jiangxi Normal University 【

On May 5th and 6th, 57 scholarship students visited Jinggang Mountain, the cradle of the Chinese revolution, to experience the modern Chinese revolutionary history and the glorious achievements local people made in poverty relief campaign.

At Jinggang Mountain Revolution Museum, the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, the Red Army Mint, Xiaojing Hospital Site of Chinese Red Army, and former residence of Zhu De and Mao Zedong at Dajing, the students listened attentively to the entrepreneurial history of the Chinese Red Army in the late 1920s, when Mao and the other proletarian revolutionists explored a revolutionary road with Chinese characteristics.

At the Guarding Passes of Huang Yangjie, Baizhu Garden and Shuikou Rainbow waterfall, the students enjoyed the magnificent natural scenery and experienced the natural oxygen bar, and felt the cultural background of the “red cradle”.

In the new countryside of Shenshan village, the students investigated the achievements of “Party Construction + Poverty Relief” initiative proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping. During the investigation, the Party branch secretary of Shenshan village explained vividly the villagers’ stories in the poverty relief campaign.

Through the cultural study tour, the international students not only learned the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese revolution, but also witnessed the great achievements in the poverty relief campaign.