Tuition fees:(The price is applicable to all students register after December 31, 2016)

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Ph.D. Programs:

Liberal Arts:22000RMB/Year

Science, Engineering and Management: 25000 RMB/Year

Fine Arts and Physical Education: 33000 RMB/Year

Master programs:

Liberal Arts:18000RMB/Year

Science, Engineering and Management: 20000 RMB/Year

Fine Arts Fine Arts and Physical Education: 27000 RMB/Year

Bachelor Programs:

Liberal Arts:14000RMB/Year

Science, Engineering and Management: 16000 RMB/Year

Fine Arts Fine Arts and Physical Education: 21000 RMB/Year

General Scholar: 14000 RMB/Year

Short Term Programs: 3600RMB/Month10000RMB/3 Months

Other fees:

Registration fee: 500 RMB/Person

Accommodation: double-bedroom 5000RMB/Year, single room 10000RMB/Year

Residence Permit800 RMB/Year

Health Verification: 500 RMB/Year

Insurance: 800 RMB/Year

Textbooks: about 1500 RMB/Year, refer to actual price